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Minecraft APK + MOD (Unlocked) v1.18.20.27 2022

App Name Minecraft
Publisher Mojang
Mod Apk Size Varies with device
Version Varies with device
Updated Few Seconds Ago
Rating 4.7
PlayStore Link Google Play
MOD Features Premium Unlocked

About App

Join millions of Android gamers worldwide in this amazing 3D adventure into the world of blocks as you enjoy the original Minecraft – Pocket Edition gameplay on your mobile devices. As you play Minecraft, you'll discover a whole new universe of possibilities.

If you want to be the ruler of your own island, set up wonderful contraptions, take down monsters, acquire many objects and products and make use of the crafting capabilities to construct and mend, you may do so in your very own Minecraft universe. There are essentially no limits to what can be done.

Check read our review to learn more about this fantastic game.


Gamers may enjoy the game in whatever way they like because there is no set objective. However, the game itself already has a number of fun aspects, such as open-world areas, random creatures, manufacturing and constructing things, and the ability to build and create items. You'll be able to play the game in a variety of ways.

In addition to the single-player experience, players of Minecraft – Pocket Edition have the option of joining the online community, where they may interact with other players from around the world.

However, you may run your own server hosted by Mojang and invite up to ten others to join you in the exploration of the game. You may also play with your pals in a multi-player online game. Thousands of players from across the world may be found on the fascinating online servers, which you can also access.

Minecraft's large community servers provide a wide range of gaming experiences, so take some time to explore them all.

Awesome features

The following are all of the game's fascinating features:

Make your own Minecraft world and explore it at your leisure.

First, players in Minecraft will be able to construct their own own offline maps to play around with in their spare time. It is possible to design your own maps using a variety of configurable characteristics or to use a random map generation method and start exploring right away. With this, you'll be able to experiment with a wide range of gameplay options. As long as you're having fun exploring the world, gathering materials and fighting creatures, you're more than welcome to spend your time building up amazing contraptions.

You have complete freedom to alter the world as you see fit.

It's also possible to alter certain features of the game in Minecraft – Pocket Edition because you're in your own universe. This includes creating a wide range of different things, summoning creatures, and altering the date and time.

If you want to accomplish this in-game, you may utilise the several slash commands that are accessible to you. It may be difficult for some of you owing to the confusing user interfaces.

The game's configurable Add-Ons can be used if you don't want to spend time constructing your own maps from the ground up. It will be easier to personalise the game with these unique add-ons, which will allow for additional resource packs and more.

Explore the limitless maps in search of a variety of useful resources.

Minecraft gamers will get access to the game's huge areas, where they may explore and enjoy all of the game's unique features. Minecraft's maps, on the other hand, will have a wide variety of materials that you may mine. Items that can be utilised for crafting, precious ores, and food from trees and animals are all examples of what may be found.

Make goods that have a wide range of applications.

The crafting function in Minecraft – Pocket Edition allows players to build a wide variety of things. Among these are weapons and equipment for combating the mobs, hunting, and farming. As a bonus, you can even create things using the materials you acquire and produce in the game. Choose from a wide range of building materials to construct your home and fort. Allow your imagination to go wild as you create incredible contraptions.

Play online with friends and real players from all around the world in this addicting game.

Additionally, gamers in Minecraft may join their friends and millions of other online gamers in the huge multiplayer world of Minecraft. Enjoy the game to the fullest by selecting from a variety of online game types.

  • As a beginner, you may play the game online with up to four other people in a single map. In the midst of the throng, you'll face off against your foes, and you'll find your own stories as you go.
  • For those who want a little privacy, Mojang hosts your own Realms, where you may play Minecraft with only the people you want to play with. At any given time, you may play with as many as ten pals in a cross-platform gaming experience.
  • This is where you'll find a wide variety of gamers from all around the world, as well as some of the most popular servers. You and your pals may enjoy the game together as you delve into the enormous community-hosted servers that have thousands of active gamers in them. Minecraft is a game where you can never stop having fun.
  • Players will be able to purchase skins, texture packs, objects, and more from a variety of in-game developers via the game's marketplace, which is reliant on the in-game community for all of its content. You'll be able to pick from a properly stated selection of them all on the marketplace.

The game is available without charge. 

Although the game offers a lot, it is still free to play for now. In order to play Minecraft – Pocket Edition on your smartphone, all you need to do is download and install the game from Google Play Store for totally free.

With our mod, you'll be able to play the entire game.

To avoid the in-game purchases entirely, simply download and install our customised version of the game. It's easy to enable all of the available features in Minecraft by downloading the Minecraft Mod APK from our website !

A high level of clarity and audio


Minecraft's 3D blocky visuals bring gamers to the huge pixelated terrain, where you are free to explore the massive universe with a variety of discoverable elements. If you've got a low-end Android handset, you'll be able to play the game owing to its simplistic visuals.


With its fantastic sound effects, the game gives the impression of being a part of Minecraft's huge universe. In addition, the game's rich soundtracks will help you to fully enjoy it.

Final verdicts

For those who enjoy Minecraft, this is the app for you. To play Minecraft , you should get the Minecraft game application. the site. You may play Minecraft every day if you download the app now.

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How to Install Minecraft Premium Apk on Android?

  •  Uninstall the PlayStore Version of the Minecraft Premium App if you have already installed it.
  •  Open Settings of your Phone, Go to Security/Privacy & Enable Unknown Sources.

  •  Download Minecraft Premium Apk  from the above link.
  • Click on Apk File & Install it on your phone. (”Allow from this source” if asked)
  •  Open the Minecraft Premium App
  • Enjoy 🙂

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