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App Name Malwarebytes Mobile Security
Publisher Malwarebytes
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Version Varies with device
Updated Few Seconds Ago
Rating 4.5
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About App

Originally, antivirus software was designed to guard against malicious software, such as computer viruses, which propagate by injecting their code into other programmes. Computer technicians might quickly forecast and identify these emerging infections using simple procedures. In contrast, today's technology is becoming more advanced, resulting in more sophisticated viruses. Ransomware, polymorphic malware, and other cutting-edge attacks are examples of the types of new viruses that might emerge. By glancing at files, you won't be able to identify them. Malwarebytes Premium can help you analyse their behaviour, and you may do so. It has been shown that this software contains numerous levels of protection for you. It received good marks in multiple hands-on examinations, but several independent testing institutes were unable to give it an exceptional grade.

What does it do?

In terms of malware protection, Malwarebytes Premium APK is by far the most popular. To put it another way, it will safeguard your mobile device against viruses, illegal monitoring, and corrupted applications. Every year, Malwarebytes will cost you a certain amount of money. However, if this money can be used to safeguard your personal information or privacy, it is a worthwhile investment!

Awesome features

Here are all the amazing features that the app has to offer:

Other Security Apps Compatibility

According to recent news reports, Malwarebytes is compatible with a wide range of antivirus programmes. Because of this, using Bitdefender or Kaspersky in conjunction with this programme will not cause any issues. However, the number of consumers who are prepared to pay to utilise two security systems at the same time is not large. So, what can you do to keep your account free of fees? The following explanation will help us understand what's going on.

Malwarebytes is used in conjunction with the Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center to display various techniques. A further benefit of this app is that it may be configured to function in conjunction with other third-party solutions.

However, in the 4th edition, this function has been reworked. By default, it will now sign up for an account with the Security Center. As a result, whenever the Windows Defender goes into hibernation, it will activate itself. To go back to your issue, you'll need to modify the settings in Malwarebytes Premium apk if you still want to utilise it alongside other protection programmes. It will be removed from the list of active antivirus programmes.

Layers of Protection

Signature-based detection is one of the layers. However, Malwarebytes experts are constantly reducing the number of unnecessary signatures in order to speed up the scanning process. The signature will be removed if a specific threat has not been detected in user logs for an extended period of time, such as six months or more.

Web defence also prevents rogue applications from leading users to harmful locations, as well as browsers from doing the same. When an unknown software is getting ready to encrypt your files, the ransomware protection keeps an eye out for certain behaviours. To put it another way, Malwarebytes will detect and remove ransomware, even if it is only a zero-day threat. Ransomware will be spotted without the user even realising it.

In most cases, exploit assaults take advantage of flaws in well-known software programmes. To gain control, they exploit holes in the system's defences. Your applications and operating system may be updated, but you cannot guarantee that all vulnerabilities have been completely addressed. Always, there are gaps in the system that haven't been fixed yet. This is no longer a concern while using Malwarebytes. Dozens of well-known apps may be protected with this programme. This is a general defence against exploits, but it also protects against specific ones.

The settings can be found in the main window if there have been no previous indications of your need for exploit prevention. After there, you'll want to click on Security and then go all the way down to Advanced Settings. The Anti-Exploit window will thereafter be opened as a result of this. It will tell you that you don't need to make any changes to the settings except for the advice of a tech support specialist. However, the important thing to note is that Malwarebytes is capable of enforcing ASLR and DEP. The ROP and system memory attacks are also prevented by this. A bewildering array of options are displayed in the image above.

A Variety of Scanning Methods

For a more comprehensive analysis of your system, Malwarebytes Premium apk lets you choose between three different types of scan: hyper, custom, and threat. If you're concerned about your computer's memory or start-up items, you may do a "hyper scan." Using a custom scan, you may pick and choose whatever parts of the system you wish to look at. A threat scan, on the other hand, allows you to look for signs of infection in places like memory, the registry, or even the startup of your device.

A threat scan is far faster than some of the most popular antiviruses on the market, such as Panda and McAfee. The entire scanning procedure is completed in about ten minutes. Also, it takes around 10 seconds for the hyper scan.

In addition, Malwarebytes is careful when it flags over certain legitimate stuff on your devices. It makes certain that no dangers are overlooked. In addition, by identifying what is safe and what is dangerous, future scans will be more accurate. When scanning a malware sample file using a custom scan, it produces findings that are quite similar to those of Avira or Kaspersky. A flowchart depicts the scan's progress, so you may follow along with the procedure step by step. Other applications only show the number of files that have been scanned, therefore this is a standout feature.

Automated Virus and Software Updates

Samples of suspicious software from users' PCs will be collected by Malwarebytes for daily examination and updates. The Usage and Threat Statistics may be turned off in the Settings section if you don't like it. Every hour, the premium app will be updated. Updates can be made at whatever time interval you like, though. 15 minutes to 14 days is the range. It's a good idea to customise this function because it may not be available in other apps. You will need to manually check for updates if you don't use the Malwarebytes Premium apk but the free version.


Additional ransomware protection is provided by Malwarebytes in addition to adware filtering support. To put it another way, it will keep you safe from scam websites and hazardous sites. Additionally, because of its adware fighting capabilities, it speeds up surfing by four times. According to many users, it is quicker than their global ad-blocking plugin, which is why it is so popular.

In addition, the statistics page has an outstanding interface with the banned ad count. This software, on the other hand, is only compatible with Firefox and Chrome, two of the most popular browsers. That's OK, but it would be nice if it were available on more browsers.

The User's Interaction

The user interface of this product is easy to use. The dashboard area provides quick access to the most recent information, such as the date of the next scan, the latest malware database updates, or the settings for real-time protection. Folders and files that do not pose a threat are shown in a quarantine area.

Selecting the language for the interface, updating settings, collecting event data and managing notifications are all available on the Application tab of the menu bar menu system. A scan priority option is also available. What else are you capable of? In the Exclusions area of Settings, you may opt out of the detection of specific directories, programmes, URLs, vulnerabilities, and files. Settings is where you can access information about your account, as well as product information.

Malwarebytes Premium apk has a wide range of capabilities. Moreover, discovering them on your own is more thrilling. Generally, the scanning speed is nice, despite the fact that there are messages on the screen concerning prevented threats. Your device will not be hampered or slowed down throughout the scanning process.

The Malwarebytes Premium Apk is evaluated in general.


Malwarebytes has a huge edge over other anti-malware programmes because of its ease of use and extensive toolbox. An important function of this programme is to protect users from infections in real time using anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-toolkit technologies. In addition, the software's auto-scan capability allows users to clean up the system before it gets out of hand.

You can protect your files from being encrypted or held hostage for ransom with cutting-edge software. Both known and undiscovered ransomware can be eliminated by the full defence. The four-layer defence is used to protect software and browsers. As a result, it is extremely difficult to launch a serious attack and acquire control of the data.

Additionally, Malwarebytes protects your download files from hacking attempts and tainted ads, as well as from corrupted or phoney websites. Some individuals have a hard time utilising their computers because of the time-consuming checks. As a result of this, the hyper scan mode has an additional function added by the manufacturer. While scanning, you can perform other things. Moreover, scans in this mode are still speedy and efficient.

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Final verdicts

The first drawback of this strong instrument is the difficulty in testing its protective layers. However, exploit attacks only work with a certain version of a programme that has the relevant vulnerability. ASLR and DEP enforcement are only applicable if a malware sample has already passed past the previous levels of defence. There are also a number of independent antivirus testing labs that seek to replicate real-world scenarios in their studies. But the emulation is far from flawless. As a result, rudimentary file recognition is still used in the testing.

The second drawback is related to customer service. Customer service is frequently criticised by users. Live chat and a phone number are available on the company's official website. Customer satisfaction is still low due to the fact that no agents are present in the Chat most of the time. You're stuck waiting all the time. Contact Support, which requires you to open a ticket, is another option for assistance. In this ticket, you describe your problem, which is obviously ineffective. A forum may be set up, but it's a hassle for most people because there are so many different topics. One query might take a lot of time to figure out the answer to. Users will be more satisfied if this support can be improved.

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1- Uninstall the PlayStore Version of the Malwarebytes Premium  PRO App if you have already installed it.

2- Open Settings of your Phone, Go to Security/Privacy & Enable Unknown Sources.

3- Download Malwarebytes Premium Apk  from the above link.

4- Click on Apk File & Install it on your phone. (”Allow from this source” if asked)

5- Open the  Malwarebytes Premium  App

6- Enjoy 🙂

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