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App Name Memrise: Fun Language Learning
Publisher Memrise
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Version Varies with device
Updated Few Seconds Ago
Rating 4.7
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About App

Memrise is a language learning programme, which includes English. Bringing a variety of different training techniques to the community and gaining a lot of favourable comments. Memrise progressively becoming a must-have tool for everyone looking to enhance their English skills.

The Memrise app is completely free and may be used by people of all ages to enhance their English language abilities. They combine communication approaches with amusement, i.e., non-restrictive enjoyment with scientifically focused, rational information. Memrise assists students in remembering words for extended periods of time.

In addition, the content grows on the courses that people have supplied. As a result, Memrise is user-friendly and simple to use for everyone. Learners that use Memrise will have access to a fantastic language learning app with a large vocabulary and hundreds of courses, as well as smart learning features.

In Memrise, you'll also come across the recurring element. Memrise will ask fewer questions for words you recall, and more questions for terms you forget.

Information in general

Do you know what the most efficient method for learning English is? What a perplexing question! However, most of us are probably aware that one of the many quick and effective ways to acquire English vocabulary is to use mobile applications. Memrise is steadily gaining ground among the well-known names that many students trust.

Memrise, a well-known mobile English learning programme, has a global user base of up to 30 million people. Isn't this number enough to demonstrate Memrise's appeal and effectiveness? So, what makes this application stand out?

Memrise's unique blend of entertainment and study transforms language learning into something more than tedious reading and memorization. Users will participate in this new entertaining mini-game. The practical teachings are simple to follow and adaptable, making it fun to learn from others.

Memrise also offers a variety of learning methods. You may use Memrise on a computer by visiting or by downloading an app from the Android or iOS store on your smartphone. Learning the language will be considerably more comfortable than using standard dictionaries since users will be able to employ a variety of approaches.

Millions of self-taught users use Memrise to learn over 200 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and others. Because Memrise, created by Ed Cooke, is a well-known memory trainer, this programme adopts its methods. The following are some of Memrise's primary features:

  • Your brain is motivated to learn up to 44 words per hour thanks to the scientific learning method.
  • Many games are available to aid with memory training, including Visual Learning, Review & Consolidation, Quick Recall, and others.
  • To fulfil all of your learning needs, choose from over 1000 excellent English courses: TOEFL, IELTS, Business English, English for Beginners, and more tests are available.
  • All of the classes are completely free.
  • The adaptive system keeps track of your progress and assists you in reviewing at the appropriate times.
  • Sentences, noises, and video snippets as examples
Memrise is one of the best language learning applications available right now, and it's completely free. The app offers a novel and engaging approach to learning that does not confine users to a specific framework. Memrise's ease and flexibility are further advantages that allow users to practise whenever and wherever they choose.

What is the best way to use Memrise Pro APK?

Source of Information

Memrise, like Duolingo and Drops Language Learning, allows you to study a variety of languages from across the world, including Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. However, this mobile app is only available in Korean, Chinese, and English. Perhaps it will update more the next time. Memrise's multi-language system lags behind Babbel and Duolingo's due to this issue.

When we talk about Memrise, we can't help but think of a lengthy documentary with over 200 courses and 20,000 native speaker videos that will take you from zero to hero. All Memrise platforms' systems are created by language specialists or highly specialised individuals, assuring high-quality knowledge.

Coming to Memrise allows you to communicate with and learn a variety of languages from across the world, including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and more. You can only unlock the door to the globe with a phone, and you can do it from anywhere.

Memrise also includes information on math, art, science, history, geography, and entertainment, which may surprise you. Memrise is primarily recognised for its English vocabulary learning programme, despite the fact that it focuses on improving users' listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammatical abilities.

System of Operation

Memrise deserves to be a good English vocabulary study programme that cannot be overlooked because of its intriguing scientific method. Every time you learn with Memrise, you're adding to the beauty of your memory garden. Then please switch on the phone together. We'll go through how to use this fun software to study vocabulary in greater depth!

  • You must first download the Memrise app from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS) and establish an account.
  • Then go to and log in to your account to find the proper course. You will be able to acquire basic to intermediate English vocabulary here, as well as particular themes for TOEIC, IELTS, and TOEFL.
  • Each course will follow a different schedule and last for a varied amount of time. Typically, the vocabulary will be organised into categories with vivid pictures, clear pronunciation, and simple examples.
  • Return to the app on your phone and set a daily goal for the quantity of words you wish to learn and review. Memrise will create a daily lesson tailored to your objectives, with three primary components: learning additional words, frequent review, and super speed review.
  • You will earn one streak each day after finishing a lesson, which represents your total points. If you miss even one day of learning from this programme, the entire process will reset to zero. It is the aspect that encourages students to keep going.
  • When learning English vocabulary with Memrise, it's a good idea to connect with your friends who are also using the programme. Learning will always be more pleasant when there is a competition!
A quick reminder that, while the courses on Memrise are completely free, you will need to upgrade and pay to utilise some features of the app!

Additional Features

We tested Memrise's premium version, but it's essentially the same as the free version. It is claimed that you would be speaking with native speakers, but this is not the case. Memrise indicates that you can only hear the voice of a native speaker who has been pre-recorded. Please keep this in mind while paying Memrise fees.

Before utilising Memrise, we used Duolingo and Babbel to learn. All of the Babbel and Duolingo lessons have been finished. When we go to Memrise, however, we see that the vocabulary and words are significantly more challenging. It is more common than we can utilise it in our daily lives. Duolingo and Babbel are the pronunciation generators for the voice pronunciation difficulty. Because Memrise is a real human voice, it is easy to understand.
Memrise is available if you are a contestant. You may compare your level, score, and rating to those of your classmates in the same course. You can locate and follow more people.

Who should take use of Memrise?

Memrise cannot directly enhance your English abilities, however the content is fantastic for memorising lists. When learning a language, memorising vocabulary is critical. Moreover, Memrise is used by tens of millions of individuals to learn language.

Memrise may be used for a variety of purposes in addition to memorising language. The website provides a variety of academic courses, including the SAT and GRE. Aside from that, users may try out strategies related to cities, capitals, culture, and the arts, among other things. These classes are completely free.

Chatbots will be available in the premium edition to assist you in learning by conversing, viewing native speaker videos, and customising the learning process. It implies that the software adapts its teaching style based on your performance. Furthermore, certain data demonstrate how long and how much you have studied. The Pro membership also gives you access to difficult vocabulary tasks, which you may overlook while searching.

Overall Evaluations

Memrise is a learning tool that takes a light yet practical approach to information. The fact that this software gives knowledge lessons in real life is a significant distinction between it and other language learning applications. It implies that in addition to approximately 100 languages, you may study about culture, society, history, and other topics.

The number of foreign languages available in this app is enormous. Aside from common languages like English, German, and French, there are also languages from smaller nations like Napan and Somali, as well as older languages like Latin and Khmer.

In scientific knowledge, you can freely learn natural sciences, art forms, or even just flora and animals in a certain country. In Memrise, learning a new language is a top focus. There will be a variety of textbooks for each language, rather than a comprehensive survey of the complete speech.

As a result, you must carefully select the lessons to be practised. Beginners can pursue basic courses, while those who are already skilled can pursue advanced studies such as the IELTS in English.

Lessons are spread out so that no one student has a clump of information. When learning unknown terms, for example, you will only study approximately 5-10 stories at a time and practise until you recall the original.

To do so, you'll need to develop your listening, reading, and writing abilities. It's a shame Memrise doesn't allow you to talk. However, the definition of knowledge is far too broad, allowing us to comprehend what we are learning even without the presence of a teacher.

Memrise provides options to remind you to study hard to help you be more efficient in your studies. You may also customise your learning levels so that the system can remind you till you've completed them.

Aside from that, this app has a rating system in place. A set amount of points will be awarded to you each time you complete a lesson. And there will always be rankings by week, by month, to determine who is the most difficult student in that class.

  • The information base is enormous and diverse. In Memrise, you can find practically everything you want.
  • Knowledge and practise are distributed in a highly efficient manner. To finish the lesson, you'll have to force yourself to remember what you've learned.

  • In a language course, there is a lack of speaking practise.
  • The lecture setup is a shambles. Finding a lecture that is appropriate for you will take some time.

Alternatives to Consider


Many apps assist users learn other languages, but good, usually free apps that match these criteria are few and far between. One of the few programmes is Duolingo. Duolingo is almost ideal, offering a free, ad-free, and free-to-use language learning course.

That is one of the reasons why so many people like Duolingo. According to a tiny poll conducted in the United States, the number of people utilising Duolingo to enhance their language abilities outnumbers the number of students enrolled in language centres.

Duolingo offers users the opportunity to learn a variety of popular languages from across the world, including French, German, and Spanish. Duolingo allows you to study a language whenever and wherever you choose.

Duolingo also allows you to actively select the level of your English skills training; the programme will question if you are a native English speaker or a beginner. If you're learning English, the app will offer you a quick test to determine your proficiency level and then recommend additional appropriate exercises.


Babbel, a language learning software for communication levels in 14 different languages, is another fascinating alternative. It offers Babbel lessons in a condensed format that lasts 10 to 15 minutes.

Babbel employs voice recognition technology to assist students in improving their pronunciation, while the review option encourages you to study harder and memorise terminology.

Whatever your purpose for studying, Babbel focuses on your communication skills to help you confidently learn a female language in the least amount of time. Babbel was established by 150 language specialists, not algorithms, to help you learn a female language in the shortest amount of time. During the week, all you need to know is enough grammar to comprehend the story's context.

Sharing is Caring

Share what you're viewing with your friends using social networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Also available are notes, which users can use to keep track of their favorite movies or television episodes so that they don't forget about them later on.
Premium subscribers get first access to new episodes and movies, which they may see before they are shown on television.

Enjoy the unlocked app with our mod 

While the software is still available for free on the Google Play Store, there will be advertisements and in-app purchases to contend with. As a result, it's always preferable to use the customised version of the programme available on our website. We provide an unlocked version of Memrise with limitless functionality, no advertisements, no analytics, and many more improvements. You only need to download the Memrise Mod APK and follow the supplied instructions to get started.

Free to use 

And despite all the exciting features, the app is still free for all Android users to enjoy on their mobile devices. For that reason, you can easily pick up the app from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Final verdicts

Learning a new language is a thrilling experience. It is, however, far more difficult for many individuals than natural sciences such as math, physics, and chemistry. There are several reasons for this.

As a result, an engaging learning approach, such as Memrise MOD APK, would be a fantastic accelerator for foreign language learners.

Memrise is a helpful and one of the finest free applications for learning a foreign language, especially for people who are only learning basic vocabulary and want to expand their vocabulary. Because of Memrise's assistance, learning vocabulary is no longer a difficult and difficult task.

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How to Install  Memrise Premium Apk on Android?

1- Uninstall the PlayStore Version of the Memrise App  if you have already installed it.

2- Open Settings of your Phone, Go to Security/Privacy & Enable Unknown Sources.

3- Download  Pocket FM Apk  from the above link.

4- Click on Memrise File & Install it on your phone. (”Allow from this source” if asked)

5- Open the  Memrise App

6- Enjoy 🙂

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