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This fantastic smartphone software from VlogU will astonish you with its features if you're interested in the craft of creating vlogs.

VlogU MOD APK v6.4.2 (Premium Unlocked) (2023) - FreeModsApp

App Name Vlog video editor maker: VlogU
Publisher MyMovie Inc.
Mod Apk Size 38 MB
Version Varies with device
Updated Few Seconds Ago
Rating 4.4
PlayStore Link Google Play
MOD Features Pro Features Unlocked

About App

This fantastic smartphone software from VlogU will astonish you with its features if you're interested in the craft of creating vlogs.
Are you seeking for a practical mobile tool that will make it easy for you to create stunning vlogs? Enjoy using the app's many practical and cutting-edge tools, which let you easily edit and modify your films for a variety of uses. Utilize the resources offered to fast produce lovely vlogs for internet uploads and increase your subscriber count with your inventive videos.
The fully functional video editor app is fun to use because it enables you to physically modify the videos. Your videos can be combined and given transitions to create the most realistic video experiences. Unlock fun animations and stickers to spice up your movies. And take pleasure in using the app's interesting tweaks. You can make the best videos thanks to all of these factors.
With our in-depth reviews of VlogU, learn more about this fantastic mobile application and all of its amazing features.

What does it do?

Android users will have access to a fully functional mobile video editor and maker in VlogU that they can use across all of their mobile devices. Simply open the programme and begin utilising its various capabilities to start creating fantastic movies with great graphics enhancements and fascinating visual effects that will make your films appear simply stunning.
Investigate the applications of the seamless video merger to hasten the creation of your videos. To remove filler from the vlogs, unlock the video trimmer and cutter. Simple editing and customization of the text settings. Enable cool BGM and music to add interest to your videos. Investigate the use of programmable speed settings or even video reversal to produce the most original footage. Unlock stunning backgrounds, filters, keyframe animations, and stickers. These factors will all enable you to create the best vlogs.


For those of you who are interested in this fantastic mobile app from VlogU, you can now download the app for free from the Google Play Store on any Android smartphone. You may utilise the app's various features whenever you want by just logging in. Just be aware that the freemium utility will include some adverts and in-app purchases, which may annoy you slightly.
Additionally, VlogU will need specific access rights from your Android devices, just like other mobile apps. Therefore, be sure to always take into account the prompting requests when you first open the app in order to enable a better working app. Additionally, keep in mind that having your mobile devices updated to the most recent firmware versions, preferably Android 5.0 and higher, will considerably enhance the reliability of the in-app experience and its general system compatibility.

Awesome features

Here are all the amazing features that the app has to offer:

Straightforward and practical video editor

First off, the app's user-friendly interface and easily accessible functions ensure that mobile users will have no trouble using it. Enter the mobile video editor at your convenience and choose any already-existing videos and clips from your local storages. Then immediately work on the other editing tools to freely customize the videos according to your certain preferences.

With simplicity, clip and trim videos

Android users now have the ideal app for cutting and trimming videos while on the go with VlogU. Here, you can edit videos to a specific length and trim them as necessary. Use the tools at your disposal to split video clips into several pieces. Additionally, whenever you want to fast crop the movies, use the one-click actions.

Combine videos with fluid transitions

For those of you who are interested, you can now easily combine the various videos utilising seamless transitions, and dealing with them is a tonne of fun. Here, you can use the strong tools to use clean patches to combine video snippets into a whole video. Work effortlessly with the various visual options and stylistic choices, since they all enable you to produce the greatest videos in your own unique way.

Text can be easily modified and edited.

Android users can add captions, subtitles, and other text components to the videos here in VlogU thanks to the fully featured text choices. You won't have any trouble adding and customising text to each video frame using the user-friendly keyframe editor. Unlock the text's potential for customization by using different fonts, colours, and other stylizations. Utilize text animations and other useful features so that you may use VlogU to produce the finest videos possible.

Several options for free BGM & music

Additionally, you have the choice to use a variety of amazing BGM and songs, enabling cool vlog music effects. Discover the amazing music in the Happy, Dance, Romantic, and other categories. Have no troubles using the free music to make your videos more interesting and make use of the inbuilt editor to also customize your songs however you want. All of which will allow you to make the most of the app.

Have fun using the effects in movies.

Here in VlogU, Android users have access to a variety of movie effects and eye-catching visual upgrades that each let you enhance your movies however you see fit. Enjoy using the fun disco effects, blurring, glitches, and other effects. All of which will enable you to establish yourself as an incredible VlogU star.

Adjust the speed controls to your liking

And for those of you who are interested, you may now enjoy experimenting with VlogU's personalised speed options, which individually let you enhance the videos and alter how they playback. You may instantly produce slow-motion and fast-motion videos by altering the video speed.

Making videos in reverse is fun.

Creating fascinating videos with amazing visual effects is another something you may enjoy doing while using the reserve effects. Play some of the fascinating videos with intriguing reverse effects to see how you can enjoy your vlogs in different ways. Create engaging montages and eye-catching visual effects for your time-lapse videos. Utilize the awesome video rotation, flipping, and mirroring features to produce outstanding vlogs.

Keyframe animated stickers that are interesting

For those of you who are interested, you can now use awesome stickers in VlogU to make awesome films that feature cool artwork. Use the keyframe video editor without difficulty to change the sticker layers and produce animations. Enjoy making slideshows with your DIY stickers. And to make the best vlogs, combine videos with stickers and emojis.

 Useful backgrounds and filters 

VlogU will offer you a variety of helpful filters and backgrounds that will enable you to create cool vlogs with various stylizations and colour settings. This will help mobile users swiftly edit their videos. You can make great videos very immediately using all of these tools. Look through the lists of many filters that each allow you to produce the most incredible video for your vlogs and feature unique effects and themes.

Export and distribute HD video

You can now rapidly export and distribute your movies in HD using VlogU for those of you who are interested. Choose with ease your various export options in 720p, 1080p, and other resolutions to get the greatest video quality for your vlogs. Alternatively, you may use the rapid sharing feature to have the films promoted on specific social media platforms right away.

Enjoy the unlocked app with our mod

And our modified version of VlogU will undoubtedly be a terrific option if you're interested in the free software but don't want to watch commercials. Here, you may download the Premium Unlocked app for free, which has unlimited functionality and no adverts. You only need to download the VlogU Mod APK and adhere to the instructions to get started.

Free to use 

And despite all the exciting features, the app is still free for all Android users to enjoy on their mobile devices. For that reason, you can easily pick up the app from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Final verdicts

VlogU is another top mobile video editor app that lets Android users freely work on improving their films and ensuring that they're prepared for uploading, joining MyMovie Video Editor and FilmoraGo. Not to mention the fact that you can't dispute it with the fully unlocked and free version of the app available on our website.

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How to Install VlogU Premium Apk on Android?

1- Uninstall the PlayStore Version of the VlogU App if you have already installed it.

2- Open Settings of your Phone, Go to Security/Privacy & Enable Unknown Sources.

3- Download  VlogU Apk  from the above link.

4- Click on VlogU File & Install it on your phone. (”Allow from this source” if asked)

5- Open the  VlogU App

6- Enjoy 🙂

Enjoy Premium Features 🙂
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