Truth about Google Play Protect claiming apps as virus !! Is google always right??

 Google Play Protect claiming apps as virus 

Introduction :

Now a days Google is claiming every streaming app and also apps that are not in Play Store as virus or apps that steals users data. But is that is really the truth or is there any other reason why these apps are banned by Play Store. In this post I will clear every doubts about this with facts and proper research. So let's begin ya.

Why Playstore is showing apps as viruses?

So recently Play Store has started flagging many apps which are not in Play Store as virus and apps that steals users data. This is happening with those apps which are are not in Play Store or supporting piracy like movies and TV shows streaming apps. This is creating a panic environment for users which use this applications.

But is the claim by play protect is actually true. Well to be frank it's not. Play protect is flagging this apps because these are the apps which are not in Play Store and also they are supporting piracy. Due to copyright claims by the copyright holders of of the movies and TV shows these apps are banned by Google and that's why it is shown as virus to the users.

Also some apps which are in Play Store but are shown as virus in play protect is because when we modify app we change the default signature, this also sometimes create these issues

Proofs because its Important :

In the above image you can see that when I scanned pocket TV APK in virustotal website it was not detected as virus but previously play store claimed this app as a app which steals users data which is not at all true. So most of you will be wondering what is virustotal and why we should trust on it.

So virustotal is a combination of of many types of antivirus pluggin which all scans the file which you will upload in the virustotal website and after scanning with all the plugins it will show whether the app is safe or not. Main popular antivirus softwares like quick heal, Avast, Avira, BitDefender etc are used by this website to detect virus of any file you upload.

In the above picture you can see that all the popular antivirus softwares show that this app is virus free. But sometimes you will see false positives in these websites to because some 3rd class virus protection plugins are also available in this website.. so now let's discuss what are false positives.

What are false positives ?

Sometimes this virustotal websites show some errors when actually it's not a threat. In the above picture you can see that there is an error. Android.PUA.debugkey. many of you will think that this error is showing that means this app has virus inside it. But it's not actually a virus. Android debug key error comes when you modify an app and change its default signature (which will happen when you mod a app). It doesn't mean that this app is a virus or a threat to your privacy. You can read the following post on a website to know about this particular issue. Here is the post : .

So are all modded apps safe ?

Yes and no. If you download modes which are modded by a trusted Moda and share by trusted website or telegram channel then there is no chance that you will receive a infected APK. But if you download from a non trusted website then there is chance that you will get infected APK. Also before installing you can check if the APK is is infected or not in the virustotal website and in the website check if popular antivirus plugins like. QuickHeal, Avira, Avast shows the app is a virus or not.

How To fix PlayProtect Error?

The only way to fix play protect error is to turn off play protect in your Android device. It will not cause you any harm because play protect is not actually a virus scanner it will not detect actual viruses. If you want actual protection than use virustotal and install apps after scanning it.

Watch this tutorial on how to stop Play Protect:
Tutorial :

Conclusion :

So the conclusion is play protect is not a reliable way to know if app is a virus or a genuine app. If you really want to protect your privacy then I will suggest to scan apps in virustotal (only trust good plugin in virus total website). But still if you disagree with me and want to use play protect then I will suggest you to leave my channel and don't install mods. it's not for you. So.. If you like this post then share it with you friends and join my channel

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